At Avance Associates Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority.

Mission Statement

We will ensure our customers’ satisfaction by adding value to their business. We will provide them with excellent customer service and a one-stop solution for their content, search engine marketing and design needs.

Avance (without a "d") is a Latin word for advance, progress and improvement. At Avance Associates your satisfaction is our top priority. To satisfy your needs we offer you a solid experience of over 10 years in the areas of internet marketing, translation, copy writing and experience design through our staff and our strategic partnerships.

Since the company started in 2004, we have offered our services to a growing number of satisfied customers. These are some of the people who make it possible:

Manuel (Manny) Hernandez – President and Founder

Manny is a Content Strategist and Web Product Manager that brings to Avance Associates over 10 years of professional experience in Web Product Development, Project Management and Content Management. He also has over five years of solid stronghold in Search Engine Marketing and Online Communities.

Born in Venezuela, in 1994 he completed his undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering in Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas. In 1996 he obtained his Masters degree from Cornell University. After four years working with Procter & Gamble in Venezuela doing Production Management, Manny began focusing solely on Web content, project and product management.

Among the companies Manny has worked for are:, Earth911, Pets911 and Full Sail Real World Education. In all of them, Manuel has been responsible for the product development and project management of some or all of their web properties, also helping design content management and search engine marketing strategies that have resulted in hundreds of thousands additional visits and succesful conversions. In 2007, he founded Tu Diabetes, a bilingual social network for diabetics.

A blogger in Ask Manny since 2002 and a Top 75 product reviewer in since 2000, the Editor of his college newspaper and an occasional poet, the founder of Avance Associates has always had a profound love for writing, sharing and learning new languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian and German).

Andreina Davila – Design Consultant

Andreina completed her undergraduate degree in Architecture in Universidad de Los Andes (Mérida, Venezuela) and her M.Sc. in Design with a major in Interior Design from Arizona State University. Over the years she has also mastered Graphic Design packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

She is able to combine diverse elements from her education in architecture and interior design and her experience in graphic design to come up with innovative design solutions. Even in the face of tight deadlines, she makes a point of exploring alternatives to come up with the best option for the situation at hand.

Andreina has worked or consulted for Arizona State University, Full Sail Real World Education and A.L.E.M.O. (a Venezuelan low-income housing think tank) among others. She is also a mixed media artist and has designed or redesigned marketing collateral for multiple clients.

Gabriela Aguilar – Lead Translator

Gabriela is a professional translator with a degree in Modern Languages from Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. She specializes in Spanish, English and French; she also speaks Portuguese and is currently studying German for further professional purposes.

She is currently based out of Berlin, Germany. Her thorough and precise work with words and their context make the translated projects work to the entire satisfaction of the customers of Avance Associates.

Gabriela has had the opportunity to live in Barcelona, Geneva, Bern, and Berlin, and is currently looking forward to start a career in Intercultural Communication.

Our Partners

Over the years, Avance Associates has developed a network of reliable and professional partners to help you in areas beyond our core expertise. So, if we can't serve you, ask us how you can make your vision a reality with the help of our partners:

Interamerican Technology Services: web development, hosting
37signals: project management tools we endorse
Pirate Design: web design
Mat Giordano: web design
Xpand Consulting Group: marketing services, strategy
Teravision Technologies: software development
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